Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College ends year and readies to take on challenges anew

Photo credit: Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College

BARRY’S BAY – It has not been a normal year for any person of any walk of life in 2020. One of the most affected groups has been university and college students.

So too for our local college, Seat of Wisdom (SWC), the newest accredited college in the province, but which has been in operation for twenty years now.

Every post-secondary school faced a huge task when the Ontario government decided to shutter them in March, forcing them either to suspend their operations or go online. It is a miracle of timing that technology has now developed to a point where schools can do that more or less easily. And for as limited as its resources are compared to the huge universities of the province, SWC has managed remarkably well, according to the school’s president, Dr. Ryan Williams.

In a recent interview, he described the moment in these terms, “With God’s grace, team work, flexibility, effort and the aid of our supporters, we’ve done remarkably well. Within 7 days of the need to close the school because of the COVID-19 emergency measures, we were back in full operation via remote teaching methods.”

It is a school that has had to adopt to all sorts of varied circumstances over its relatively short but exciting life.

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