Santa’s arrival signals start of festive season

Mark Jones

KILLALOE Snow covered the buildings, carols filled the air, and excited children waited patiently.

On November 23, people gathered outside the office of the Township of Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards for the annual Tree of Peace ceremony.

This is a joint event between the municipality and St. Francis Memorial Hospital Foundation, which is starting its Christmas fundraising campaign.

A group of singers led the carols from the top of the stairs at the front of the building. Between songs, Santa showed up with a merry “Ho, ho, ho,” and a red sack slung over his shoulder.

Mayor Janice Visneskie-Moore told those gathered outside that there is a donation box inside the municipal building.

“We’re asking if you could be generous to help the foundation. We all use that hospital. We all love to see what’s happening there, all the advancements,” Visneskie-Moore said. “Anything you can do to help, Greg and Erin will appreciate it.”

Greg McLeod, St. Francis Memorial Hospital chief operating officer, explained that the goal of this year’s fundraising campaign was to replace the intravenous pumps (IV) at the hospital. These pumps regulate the medication and antibiotics being transported along tubes into the body.

McLeod said the new pumps are cutting edge technology.

To read the full the story, pick up a copy of the November 28, 2018 Valley Gazette.