Roads damaged during spring rainfall


BARRY’S BAY – A number of back roads in the Valley were closed to through traffic as heavy rain hammered the region on Easter Sunday.

Over on Upper Rosenthal Road, between Palmer Rapids and Rockingham, the heavy rain caused a series of beaver dams to break. Along with the spring snowmelt, it caused significant damage to the roadway, according to Madawaska Valley Operations Manager Hilary Kutchkoskie.

A section of Guiney Road was closed before the rain even began, as a culvert was completely exposed near the intersection of Upper Rosenthal and Guiney. Closer to Rockingham, a significant portion of Guiney Road was damaged due to another washout.

The rain did not help the conditions around Paugh Lake Road, which has been suffering significant damage since the beginning of the thaw from last week. Paugh Lake Road north of Trebinski Road remained closed due to a washout.

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