Road crew provides haven for fleeing sister

WILNO  – A little before 9 a.m. on September 22, 2015, a three person line-painting crew sat in a truck with yellow flashing lights having a coffee break, parked on Borutski Street where it meets Hwy 60 in Wilno.

It was a calm sunny day.

The crew saw a woman racing like her life depended upon it, up the embankment from the park, over the fence and across the road towards them. She was barefoot.

When the crew foreman, Dwaine Meilleur, realized the woman was coming towards them, he got out of the driver seat of his GM 2500 half ton pick up. She ran to him.

“She grabbed me by the shoulder. She said, ‘Help me, there’s a man in my house, with a gun, he’s trying to kill her.”

For more pick up a copy of the October 25, paper.