Responses to the Borutski verdict

BARRY’S BAY  – While the guilty verdict in the trial of triple murderer Basil Borutski brought a small measure of relief, it also prompted some reflections about what the case has taught us.

Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards Mayor, Janice Visneskie-Moore said last Friday evening, as a society we let those families down.

“He was charged and convicted of abuse and you know, he didn’t serve much time. He was supposed to go on probation, it didn’t seem like they were following up. He was supposed to take anger management, that was never followed up. Those are key things. When a judge orders that, it should be absolutely followed. I don’t know whether it would have helped. I just felt we let those families down and we let those women down.”

Visneskie-Moore also said the case had taught her to have more compassion.

“I honestly can’t imagine the fear those women lived through. I think we have to sit down and say to abused boyfriends, girlfriends, …could be male or female…we have to have better laws to protect them. They shouldn’t have to live in that kind of fear and one day wake up and [find]… a Basil Borutski in their face.”

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