Residents call on council to prevent proposed cell tower

BARRY’S BAY – Around 200 residents in and around Combermere are campaigning against the location of a proposed Bell Mobility tower. 
A location southeast of Carmel Hill Road and Serran Road is being considered for the placement of the tower. 
Kevin Marquardt and Christine Darbyson attended the March 18 roads, property and planning committee in Barry’s Bay. 
They assured council that they weren’t standing alone and had the support of more than 200 people, who have already signed a petition on the matter.
Residents urged council to not support the project when asked to do so by Bell Mobility.
“Council cannot turn a blind eye and think that no one in this township has an issue with it,” Marquardt said. “Local residents are deeply concerned for the community’s health, and overall well being.”
Bell has already been at the council table regarding the tower. Councillors convinced Bell to look at a different site because the land chosen had flooding issues. At that time, council was told that even if it doesn’t support the tower, Industry Canada has the final say and one could still be erected in Combermere.
However, Marquardt said as of February 5, the federal government is making changes to the rules of tower placements. If the legislation moves forward, Canadians will reportedly have more say on where cell pone towers are located in their communities.
Marquardt explained many residents are primarily concerned about the health implications local cell towers have on nearby residents.
“Proponents of cell towers cite research, studies posted on Health Canada’s website, as evidence that the industry is well regulated and the radio frequency used is safe,” he said. “Unfortunately for every study proving it is safe, there is another showing that it is not.”
He added many experts believe more studies need to be conducted before claiming the towers are safe. 


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