Residents ask HH council to reconsider curbside collection


MAYNOOTH – Two residents are asking Hastings Highlands council to reconsider curbside collection within the municipality.

On September 8, Brent Dalgliesh and Ron Emond attended as a delegation to present options to council for waste and recycling. The township stopped providing the contracted service in 2014, and formally discontinued curbside collection back in January 2016.

Dalgliesh spoke first, explaining to council that he and Emond were representing the greater majority of residents who would like to see garbage and recycling pick up services reinstated. He provided some history on how curbside pickup came to be, prior to amalgamation.

“In our wildest dream, folks, if it had been thought back in the year 2000 that we would be sitting here today, not having garbage pickup or recycling pickup, there would be no amalgamation,” he said.

Emond was next to speak, admitting that he had a very difficult time obtaining the delegation.

“Council was asked ahead of time, ahead of this meeting, for permission for me to come to this delegation,” he said. “It’s the first time that this had ever happened in this municipality.”

Although he said he has reason to be upset about that, he sees it as a positive.

“Because I believe that council, in their wisdom, has seen the proper thing to do and have allotted me this delegation,” Emond said. “I certainly want to applaud them for that. I think anyone in this municipality has a constitutional right to be heard.”

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