Request to open road allowance off Red Rock Road

KILLALOE  Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards township received a delegation from realtor Chris Harrie at the January 9 meeting.

Harrie said he was acting on behalf of Geoff Meakin and Richard Foy with regards to a 200 acre parcel of land east of Red Rock Road, near Foy Provincial Park.

Harrie said the property is accessed via Raymond Bielawski’s property or through Kenny and Malcolm Foy’s property.

There is an unopened road allowance opposite the properties of Paul Lauderdale and Linda Smiley on the east side of Red Rock Road, near Round Lake. The 340 metre, treed road allowance, cuts across land owned by Raymond Bielawski.

“Speaking from a value perspective, having road access or a driveway directly from a municipal road would increase the value of this property. I’m just here to investigate what it would take to get that access, permission to cross the municipal road allowance,” Harrie said.

Harrie went on to say, the sellers do not necessarily intend to develop the property themselves, nor do they intend to bring the road up to municipal standard and the hand the road to the township for maintenance.

“It would simply be an unopened vehicle access to that property.”

For more pick up a copy of the January 17, paper.