Request for additional ditching in Killaloe considered

KILLALOE  – Joe Johnston brought the concerns of his neighbours to the Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards township council on January 24.

What they are concerned with, Johnston told council, is the excess groundwater along Roche Street, to Killaloe Public School, Hoch Farm and to Highway 60.

In a letter dated January 24, Johnston explained that in the 1970s, Johnston, his brother and father owned property along the north side of Roche Street in the village of Killaloe.

“The property I own used to be a farm and local residents remember cattle grazing on it. The stone cairns that dot the land are a testament to this fact. Now even if the forest was removed it would be too wet for cattle to graze, or for really anyone to use the land. Trees are dying and falling each year,” Johnston wrote.

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