Remembering the past at Letterkenny church

QUADEVILLE – The hills surrounding Letterkenny Evangelical United Brethren Church were alive with music, as around 80 people gathered to remember days gone by. On September 2, the little white church along Letterkenny Road held its annual memorial service. It is organized by the Keepers of the Letterkenny Evangelical United Brethren Church and Cemetery. The group took over the care of the church in 2009, and in 2011, repainted the building to its original colours. While service was held regularly at the church decades ago, it can now be used for occasions like weddings or funerals, as well as the annual memorial service. This year’s event began with Don Peddar welcoming everyone to the building. He said it was nice to see so many faces in attendance. Then, after the congregation belted out a couple of hymns, Joan Hartwick said a prayer to remember those who worshipped at the church many years ago. Pick up a copy of the September 5, 2018 issue of the Valley Gazette for the full story.