Remembering in Barry’s Bay

BARRY’S BAY – The people of Barry’s Bay gathered on November 10 at the cenotaph, to remember the soldiers who fought, and who are still fighting, for our country.

The weather was warm as the soldiers marched down the city streets, some families standing outside of their homes, watching as the soldiers made their way to St. Hedwig Roman Catholic Church.
The parade had begun at the Royal Canadian Legion, making their way down Strafford Street turning onto Queen Street and finally making their way down Dunn.
There the soldiers gathered with locals in the pews of the church, to remember the battles won and lost during the Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day service.
The service began with a reading from the Holy Gospel according to John, with a story of a shepherd and his sheep.
The story spoke of a shepherd who was only a hired man, and how he ran away from the sheep when in danger.  A good shepherd would stay and protect his sheep, no matter how afraid he became of the wolf before him.
Fr. Christopher Shalla addressed the service, speaking of the resemblance between a shepherd and a sergeant.
A shepherd will do anything in order to protect his herd, much like how a sergeant will do anything to protect his platoon.
They both lay down their lives to ensure that those they are taking care of are safe.
Once the service was complete, the soldiers marched back to the Legion, halting before the cenotaph so the ceremony could begin.
Two minutes of silence followed a prayer, with the flag being lowered to half post, and once again raised to full.
The official wreath laying began and MPP John Yakabuski laid the wreath for the Province of Ontario, followed by Mayor David Shulist for Madawaska Valley and Renfrew County.
Story continues in the November 14, 2012 issue of The Valley Gazette.