Rebuilding the Valley Manor

BARRY’S BAY – The Valley Manor long-term care facility will be moving from its location on Mintha Street to the former Sherwood Public School location on St. Francis Memorial Drive.

As designs are currently being prepared, however, that move will take a few years to come to fruition.

The Valley Manor was built by a group of Christian men and women for the sole purpose of providing a home for the elderly close to home. It is governed by a Board of Directors elected from the membership and operated by a CEO and a senior leadership team.

The long-term care facility is a non-profit home with charitable status, incorporated in 1975. The manor was opened in 1978 and had 55 nursing home beds and 35 home-for-the-aged beds, as a satellite of Miramichi Lodge in Pembroke. Later, 15 beds were converted to nursing home beds. In 1999, the 70 nursing beds and 20 home-for-the-aged beds were amalgamated and Valley Manor became a 90-bed nursing home.

CEO Trisha Sammon said today, the building currently does not meet the Ministry of Health design standards. Its licences will expire in 2025 if they do not redevelop the facility according to the new design standards.

“Which is a larger, more home-like facility,” Sammon explained. 

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