Reassessments presented to KHR council

KILLALOE – The Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards Township (KHR) council met as scheduled on December 4.

Cecelia Buelow was present to discuss the reassessment update for the area of KHR, and the current property values.
The overall residential taxable change for KHR from the 2008 market was 16.43 per cent; this reflects what has gone on over the past four years.
“That contains vacant land, that contains waterfront properties, that contains homes here in Killaloe,” Buelow said.
“This municipality has quite the make-up of various types of inventory in that residential taxable group.”
Buelow gave an example of a phase-in, with a starting point of $200,000, which gradually over the span of four
years, phased into $220,000, gaining $5,000 each year.
She described this as the phase-in process used when the assessment amount rises.
Buelow broke the assessment down into three separate groups, the first being the single family detached home, which contains 748 properties, this category had seen a change value estimate from 2008-2013 of 34.49 per cent.
“That’s a home on a single lot here in Killaloe,” she said, adding that those properties are not on the waterfront.
The single family detached homes on the waterfront, 179 properties, have seen a change in value over the years of 4.04 per cent, while the occasional dwelling (cottage), 379 properties, has seen an increase of 3.70 per cent.
Buelow provided the total number of farms qualified to date within the township of KHR, which currently sits at 101 properties.
She also mentioned the number of past residents who moved from the area into the city, and how now they are moving back to their roots.
“They are selling their homes in those areas, and they are moving back here,” she said.
Buelow emphasized the ‘About My Properties’ website to council, stating that it gives property owners all of the information they will need on their home.
Reassessment forms need to be filled out and sent by April 1, 2013. Any form sent after this date will not take affect until the following year.
“If we find that something is incorrect, we are going to change it,” she said.
Story continues in the December 12, 2012 issue of The Valley Gazette.