Rallying the hydro protestors

WILNO – At the annual general meeting on April 30, the Renfrew County Private Landowners Association (RCPLA) urged its members to sign up for a bus ride to Toronto to protest escalating hydro rates.

Past President Stanley Pecoskie encouraged members and non-members alike to register for the bus, which will be travelling from Renfrew County to Toronto on May 13 to bring residents to the protest at Queen’s Park.

“We are hoping to see a huge crowd of Ontarians at that rally,” Pecoskie explained.

He also encouraged everyone to sign petitions at the annual general meeting, which was held in the basement of St. Mary’s Catholic Church last Wednesday.

Pecoskie suspects 90 per cent of rural Ontarians are suffering with high hydro bills.

“But this is not just Renfrew County that is suffering,” Pecoskie added. “It’s the entire province that is suffering.”

He added that it is particularly difficult for seniors on a fixed income. 

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