Quadeville receives Olympia donation

QUADEVILLE – A donated Olympia will help aspiring Olympians in Quadeville to achieve their highest potential. 
It will also help reduce labour-intensive ice resurfacing hours for members of the Quadeville Recreation Committee. 
On August 15, company owner Andy Schlupp hand-delivered a used Olympia ice resurfacer to the Quadeville outdoor rink.
Schlupp lives in Breslau, Ontario, near the town of Elmira, where the famous Olympia ice resurfacers are made. He has been involved with the company since 1967.  Schlupp visits the Valley frequently, as he owns a cottage on Round Lake.
Over the years, he has sold and donated many Olympias to communities in Renfrew County. Many small towns such as Killaloe, Round Lake and Combermere have been recipients of Schlupp’s generosity.
Quadeville’s Olympia comes from the community of Clifford, which recently upgraded its equipment.
Schlupp said the machine runs fine and he would rather see it go to a community that could use it.
“This man’s got a heart of gold,” president of the Quadeville recreation committee, Gerald Resmer Jr. said. 


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