Put your Best Foot forward for your health

Written by Toni Lavigne-Conway | Special to The Valley Gazette

Now more then ever, people seem to be much more in tune with their overall health, both mental and physical, recognizing that it is the centre of our lives, and that every part of our bodies relies on our wellbeing and good health. We also know that from time to time we all need a little help to get us there.

For a small community like ours, we are blessed to have access to so many healthcare options that supports traditional medicine with a wide array of allied health services to suit everyone’s preference and needs. One such practice that I had not tried however was reflexology, so when I was recently treated to an introductory session of this holistic treatment, I understood why it strikes a chord with so many people. I also discovered that local reflexologist Rhonda Rogers-Martel has just the right touch when it comes to your feet and this specialized care.

Already trained in the art of helping people as a certified yoga teacher, she underwent reflexology herself for several years and was inspired to bring this treatment to others when her own practitioner retired. Certification involved online studies, conducting 70 practise studies involving practical work, as well as a written and in-person exam.

“Through my yoga practice, I’ve experienced how important relaxation and stress relief is to our overall health and I knew this was the perfect compliment to enhancing our wellbeing. I also love learning and enjoyed diving into studying something new that I was certain would serve people well”, says Ronda. She made her decision to train in this discipline during the height of the pandemic and lock down, realizing that stress levels, both individually and collectively, were at an all time high.

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