Public weighs in on retail cannabis in Hastings Highlands

Christine Hudder

MAYNOOTH – Around 40 people attended the public meeting for retail cannabis on January 10 in Maynooth.

All members of Hastings Highlands council were in attendance, and the meeting was led by Mayor Vic Bodnar.

While there was one vocal opponent to allowing cannabis retail sales in Hastings Highlands, the vast majority in attendance were in support of opting in.

Mayor Bodnar, with the help of CAO/Clerk Pat Pilgrim, outlined the ins and outs of cannabis retail sales. They discussed the legislation and how it relates to Hastings Highlands.

Bodnar emphasized that there is a radius of 150 metres imposed within schools, where cannabis cannot be sold.

“That precludes just about every building within Maynooth and a lot in the Birds Creek area,” Mayor Bodnar said. “The only place that doesn’t really apply is Lake St. Peter. Once we have those kinds of conditions it gets very complex and very difficult to establish a retail outlet.”

There are also strict conditions to be met when selling cannabis. Retail stores must have concrete floors and meet a wide range of security requirements.

“Your average mom and pop store never is going to happen. It’s not something that will work out,” Bodnar said.

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