Public defibrillators to be accessible 24 hours a day in township

KILLALOE – Following an August 2018 presentation, Rob Norris was once again before Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards (KHR) regular December 3 meeting. He was there to update council on a program to provide 24 hour access to public defibrillators within a three minute drive of every resident in the township.

Norris estimates 16 units will be required and they will need to be insulated and heated so that they can work through the winter.

In the absence of Mayor Visneskie-Moore, the meeting was chaired by Councillor Debbie Peplinksie.

Norris estimates the total cost of units, insulation, cabinets and heaters will be $28,000.

The Round Lake Property Owners Association has donated $10,000 so far and the township $4,000. Norris is asking the township to budget a further $10,000 in 2020.

At the August 2018 KHR meeting, Norris was joined by Jim Murton and Dr. Rob Duggan. It was Duggan who said there were eight defibrillators in Killaloe and two in Round Lake but they were not signposted nor were they accessible to the public.

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