PRPS say goodbye to a custodian and a friend, Mr. Floyd Welk

PALMER RAPIDS – It was a tearful ceremony as the students, staff and parents of Palmer Rapids Public School bid farewell to a friend.
Floyd Welk, the now former custodian at Palmer Rapids Public School said goodbye after 32 years on February 27. His last official day at school was on February 28, but it was on the 27th when the staff, and students got to say goodbye and most importantly got to say thank you Mr. Welk for all he had done for them.
“He has been way more than just a custodian, he is more than the person who keeps the building clean,” said Principal at Palmer Rapids Public School, Jude Kelley. “It is a huge hit for the school.”
Kelley added that Welk would work with students as well to help them with issues or with schoolwork.
“He works with our students as well, so if we have people who are in at recess we can assign them to work with him,” said Kelley.
Kelley wasn’t going to be in the school on Welk’s final day, but when asked how she felt it would feel when she came into the school without Welk there she said, “I don’t know the answer to that.”
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