Property owners raise their voices at committee meeting


BARRY’S BAY – Cottager concerns were on everyone’s mind at the Township of Madawaska Valley Valley’s recreation, heritage and community economic development meeting of September 3.

Three delegations from cottage and property owners associations in the region met with committee members to discuss concerns and share their thoughts on recent developments within the township.

Sophia Sudnikowicz of the Kuiack Lake Cottagers Association spoke first, speaking not only on behalf of her association but also the Kaszuby Cottagers Association, reading a statement prepared by Mark Wolnik.

Wolnik’s statement, though brief, outlined the economic contribution the Kaszuby cottagers provided to the region, as well as the role they play in maintaining local lakes.

According to Wolnik’s statement, the Kaszuby Cottagers Association appreciate the Madawaska Valley community, services and businesses.

Sudnikowicz, sharing some of Wolnik’s sentiments, expanded on some of the projects the Kuiack Lake Cottagers Association were looking at going forward.

“We collect $100 annually from each member to support our road maintenance,” she explained. “Our goal is to maintain the Kuiack Lake road.”

Sudnikowicz also added that the road was one of the better-maintained side roads in the municipality.

“Do you hope, eventually, the township will take over the road?” inquired Councillor Bob Kulas.

“I’ve been trying to bring the road up to township standards,” explained Sudnikowicz.

Both the Kaszuby Cottagers Association and Kuiack Lake Cottagers Association expressed a desire that council get municipal taxes under control and provide greater maintenance for secondary roads.

Sudnikowicz also raised concerns about waste disposal site hours.

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