Priceless treasure unearthed in Combermere after being buried for 25 years

COMBERMERE –On October 19, during the celebration of George Vanier Catholic School’s 50th anniversary, several of the school’s alumni participated in a unique experience that they had planned some 25 years ago.

The occasion was one where past, present and future hopes and dreams intersected in a remarkable way.  

Many people had the chance to consider who they where yesterday, or at least who they were 25 years ago. In 1994, two classes of Vanier students buried time capsules with the promise that the treasure would be unearthed in the year 2019. On Saturday, many of those same students came back to fulfill the promise to dig up the loot.

Before the digging commenced, attendees could purchase items from a gymnasium full of local vendors, enjoy hot dogs and hamburgers, baked goods and coffee. Kids could get balloon animals and toys made for them by a team of balloon artists, have their faces painted, or cuddle up to some of the creatures who were part of the petting zoo.

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