Powerful engines, deep ponds and mud galore at Eganville Mudder

EGANVILLE – Under overcast skies on Saturday, 12 categories of races took place at the Eganville Mudder. The gates opened at 7 a.m. at the Sno-drifters racetrack to reveal the results of weeks of preparations on the drag and bog racecourses. All the drag races took place on a straight stretch of mud in front of the stands. The bog races included different routes inside the snow mobile oval including dig holes, several ponds, mud stretches and a jump. Race organizer Jason Miller thanked both North Algona Wilberforce (NAW) and Bonnechere Valley Township for their help with the preparation. Members of NAW fire department also attended for safety. Scott Cook and Frank Bennett were also in attendance for the St. John’s Ambulance Service of Pembroke. Bennett, who has attended many mudders, said he enjoyed the event. “It is a fast paced event with few accidents,” he said. Pick up a copy of the May 30, 2018 paper to read the full story.