“Polish Zamboni” a key tool to keeping the Wilno rink open

Katrina Boguski

Wilno – During a recent phone interview with Wilno Rink committee president Constance Van Hoof, the volunteer explained a bit about how things work at the rink. There are two key ingredients that keep the rink functioning year after year; one is a core group of volunteers, and the other is the “Polish Zamboni.”

Van Hoof has been involved with the rink for over 10 years and is one of the mainstays responsible for ensuring the outdoor rink is ready for visitors each week. In addition to helping with the ice formation, Van Hoof also helps with fundraising to ensure that the financial needs of the facility are met.

When asked what events are happening at the rink this winter, Van Hoof explained that the Wilno rink will be hosting its big fundraiser on Jan. 27. The day will consist of a broomball tournament and a dance. The event is the 6th annual, and tickets can be purchased at the rink on the day of the tournament.

The dance is a licenced event but families are welcome and people of all ages are encouraged to attend. Games start 9 a.m. and the dance starts at 7 p.m.

The tournament draws a large group of people who come to play the game or to cheer on the teams. Van Hoof said there are usually six teams of 15 players. She explained that one of the things that makes broomball a popular sport is the fact that you don’t need to be able to skate in order to play. Because you can run on the ice, the barrier to entry is lower than for hockey.

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