Poems to remember

BARRY’S BAY – The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 406, held a very special contest throughout the month of November.

Students from 12 different schools in and around the Madawaska Valley area were asked to participate in a poetry and poster contest.
However, there was a certain day the poster and poems were required to revolve around in order to qualify: Remembrance Day.
On November 29, the winners were presented with a certificate at the Royal Canadian Legion in Barry’s Bay.
Not all of the winners could attend the ceremony, but 22 out of the 26 came to the event.
Ethel Ryan organized the event, as well as took part in the judging portion.
Ryan has been a member with the legion in some way or another since 1963, and joined the Barry’s Bay legion approximately eight years ago.
She was asked to hold the literary contest this year, and admitted she couldn’t say no.
“I got asked and I couldn’t refuse. I was glad to do it,” Ryan said.
The reason she did not hesitate was due to her love of children.
“I love kids,” she said, adding that she was once a teacher and will take the odd teaching job when needed.
Ryan said the reason this type of contest is so important is because it teaches children about Remembrance Day and how important it is.
“They get to know Remembrance Day,” she said, adding that it teaches children to appreciate soldiers as well as veterans.
Prior to handing out the awards, snacks were provided to attendants.
Pizza, juice, cookies, tea and coffee were all available for those who either came as a winner, or came to support the contestants.
There were a total of 145 entries in this year’s contest, and according to Ryan, the competition was stiff.
Due to the fact that there were so many entries that deserved to be recognized, Ryan asked permission to add a fourth and fifth place to the contest.
Story continues in the Decen=mber 5, 2012 issue of The Valley Gazette.