Plant study observation helps ground us in nature

QUADEVILLE- As part of her approach to medicine, Dr. Sandy Musclow, a Naturopathic doctor and Classical Chinese medicine practitioner in the Valley, serving Barry’s Bay, Bancroft and Quadeville, would like more people to try plant observation.

Engaging in a plant observation is a way to enrich your thinking, understanding and connection with your plants, and the natural world – including minerals, animals and human beings.

This plant study observation was put together as an online video alternative to the March presentation to the Madawaska Valley and Area Horticultural Society, which was cancelled (and will be presented in the future, on biodynamic farming and gardening).

This article shows how you can do a plant study of your own.

Musclow learned about this six-step technique in 2013 in California, where she was training in anthroposophical medicine, which is a type of medicine she uses in her practice. This practice started in the 1700s with Johann von Goethe, German writer and naturalist, who provided modern insight into plant morphology and changes in plants, with his book Metamorphosis of Plants.

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