Plans for Lakeshore Park revealed

BARRY’S BAY – Lakeshore Park could look a whole lot different in a few years’ time.

A preliminary master plan for the park was revealed at the March 5 recreation, heritage and culture committee meeting.

“Over the past 30 years, there have been a variety of designs of what Lakeshore Park could be,” Recreation and Community Development Coordinator Paul Nopper said.

Organizations that were consulted to help draft the master plan included the horticulture society, greening committee and Madawaska Valley Lions.

The result features increased parking spaces, stone fences, timber, logs, trees and more. There are plans to include thick growing, large trees surrounding the wastewater plant.

Another significant proposed change is adding on to the tennis court building to include permanent washrooms. This would allow for the removal of the outhouse that sits in the middle of the park.

“It’s still close to the beach and close to the park, but it’s a short walking distance for everybody,” Nopper explained.

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