Opposing views on Bill 100 at RCPLA meeting

WILNO – More than 100 landowners attended the April 29 Renfrew County Private Landowners Association annual general meeting to gain perspective on Bill 100, or, the Supporting Ontario’s Trails Act.

Landowners from across the province, especially those with snowmobile trails on their land, have concerns about the Bill, particularly because the Bill mentions easements.

The minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Michael Coteau, issued a statement indicating that easements would be a voluntary agreement between a landowner and an eligible body or bodies.

“No property owner would be compelled to provide an easement unless they agreed to do so,” he said.

At the AGM in the basement St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Wilno, several representatives gathered to share their opinion on Bill 100 and if they think there should be cause for concern.

Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke MPP John Yakabuski said there some positive things in Bill 100, including increasing the amount that a landowner could be awarded on a damage case, and the increase in trespassing penalties.

“The biggest bone of contention is Section 12,” Yakabuski noted. 

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