One door closes, another one opens

BARRY’S BAY – Madawaska Doors Inc. has some big news coming our way.
This 38-year-old company has been owned and operated mostly by family, and takes pride in their custom made, solid wood doors.
Behind their very own doors, Madawaska Doors has been brewing ideas that they have decided to come forward and share with the world.
Chief Executive Officer Mike Snider has been sitting on an invention for several years, waiting for the right material and the right moment to unveil it.
“We have been looking for many years for how to affectively make a change, to continue to make this environmentally green product, but also have it energy efficient as well,” he said.
Madawaska Doors is known worldwide for their custom designs and solid wood creations.
“For the last seven years now we have won the Consumers Choice Award for the best solid wood door,” Snider said.
But this company does not only take pride in their handiwork, but also the way they go about making their product.
“We are real proud of how green we are,” he said.
“It’s all about being green. It’s all about leaving a small footprint on the planet, replacing what you’ve taken and not damaging the earth anymore than unfortunately we have already damaged it,” he continued.
So with this in mind, Snider has come up with an idea for a door that has many marvellous qualities.
This door does not just give you privacy, but also keeps the cold out, and warmth in, while remaining environmentally friendly, and with a new addition of sound resistance.
The “Insil-Stop” is a door made of three parts. The top and bottom layers are the basic solid wood design of your choice, but between the two is a special fabric made with aerogel.
Aerogel is a material that has been around for years, but has not had much use until now.
“It’s a super insulator, in such a very thin package,” Snider said.
To Snider, not only is this material a great insulator, but it also keeps their product one hundred per cent environmentally friendly.
“We saw a great avenue for us, now that we can make a very nice door, we can also now have it environmentally friendly on the energy efficiency side of it all,” he said.
A plus side to this new and improved door is the simple fact that it is energy efficient, with no warm air getting out, and no cold air getting in, it saves you the price of paying to heat the outside like a normal wooden door would.
“It stops the cold, it stops the heat, it stops the fire, and what people don’t seem to understand also is, it stops sound,” Snider added.
If that wasn’t enough this new insulation is also fire retardant, meaning that the fire may make it through one side of the door, but it will not be making it through the other.
This new door design has it all, and the Madawaska Doors Inc. seems to agree.
“It’s a winner from our perspective,” Snider said.
Later adding that it has everything any one could ever want and need in a door.
With their custom designs, and all of the safety features there is really nothing else you could ask for.
“Environmentally friendly, less pressure on the forest, more energy efficient, plus all of these things we need to be safe,” he said.
On top of all of the bells and whistles, this door can be designed any way you like. The new addition to their regular solid wood door does not stop the company from being able to create a masterpiece for your home.
“Our forte is you come to me with a drawing ‘my grandmother had a door that looked like this,’” Snider said.
They take the drawing you have created, and turn it into a reality.
Story continues in the October 3, 2012 issue of The Valley Gazette.