Old Snowmobile Show revs up in Eganville

EGANVILLE – The 15th annual Old Snowmobile Show took place in Eganville on January 10 at the Snodrifters Clubhouse and grounds.

Running for 15 years now, the Old Snowmobile Show is organized by the Ottawa Valley Old Sledheads and the Snowdrifters club to feature vintage snowmobiles from across the province and even further afield.

“Vintage events and racing have really over the past 15 years,” said organizer Bryan Miller.

Miller is one of the original six organizers of the event, and has been helping out ever since.

“It grows every year,” he added. “There gets to be more events every year.”

The all-ages event had a swap section, a buy-and-sell section, and an open canteen for refreshments within the clubhouse. In addition to this, there were a number of categories exhibitors and vendors could enter their sleds into for competition.

“It attracts a lot of people,” said Miller of the show.

“That’s what they grew up on, it brings back memories…we’re getting younger people starting to restore their grandparents’ snowmobiles.”

As much as it is reminiscing and revisiting memories, there is a genuine love and passion for vintage snowmobiles growing among the younger population.

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