Oh my, it’s the annual fish fry


BARRY’S BAY – There were jokes, laughter and even a little bit of teasing.

It’s that kind of entertainment that makes the wait for a fresh-cooked fish and chip dinner that much more enjoyable.  

The Opeongo Seniors Centre held its 11th annual fish and chip fundraising dinner on July 11. Hundreds of supporters lined up, waiting patiently to sink their teeth into freshly battered fish and fresh-cut chips.

Although it was quite humid, the volunteers kept a smile on their face, teasing each other and jokingly rushing the fish cookers, who were hamming it up in their bikini t-shirts.

The annual fish fry broke a record in attendance this year, drawing in almost 500 people. Volunteers even had to go out and buy (and cut) extra potatoes for the event, but they managed to keep up with the hungry crowds.

The event is the Opeongo Seniors Centre’s biggest fundraiser of the year, with profits going towards operational costs for the facility.  

Get your July 15, 2015 edition of The Valley Gazette for more photos from the event.