“Now ye will be Judged by me”, wrote man accused of the murder of three women

OTTAWA  – Two years ago, when a small brown envelope arrived on the desk of probation and parole officer Caroline Royer, she immediately took it back to reception to ask support workers where it came from.

While the envelope had been stamped, ‘received September 25, 2015,’ it had no postmark to indicate where or when it had been posted.

The reason the envelope was the subject of intense interest was the name written in blue pen on the back of the envelope: B. BORUTSKI.

Basil Borutski is the man accused of the first degree murder of Carol Culleton, Anastasia Kuzyk and Nathalie Warmerdam, on September 22, 2015. The court has entered a plea of not guilty as the accused has remained unresponsive in court. He is deemed to be representing himself.

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