New principal at KPS warmly welcomed

KILLALOE  – After just a few weeks as principal at Killaloe Public School (KPS), Anne George says, “I love it here. It’s awesome.”

All the staff are really engaged in their professional learning, George said.

“It’s a great team here.”

George began as the new principal at KPS on January 8, part way through the school year.

“I think I was really fortunate to come in half way because things are already in place and I have that opportunity to be a learner. That’s the mode I’m in now, just listening and learning and getting comfortable with the students, families and staff. Definitely meeting lots of people,” George said.

George believes she has been well prepared for her new role in the 100 student school. Most recently she was vice principal at Eganville Public District School, which has 400 students and a larger administration.

“It was great,” George said. “I had really good mentors. I think it is really nice if you have the opportunity to be a vice principal in a big school because you learn a lot from the principal.

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