New playground a dream come true

BARRY’S BAY – A renowned sense of community spirit and the sound of fun and laughter filled the air on the playgrounds of Sherwood Public School (SPS) recently. 
As of this past September 3, it’s official, SPS is kicking off the school year with a bit of a bang, as many years of hard work and fundraising have finally come to a close. 
About a month ago, the school finally received and put in place their new playground equipment. A quad arch, and chin and parallel bars are now a fun option on Sherwood’s playground, and a huge hit, Principal Steve Griffiths told the Gazette. 
And that’s what it’s all about, he explained, the kids, and getting their bodies active, so, inevitably their minds are active too. 
“How fit your body is, truly does have an impact on how your mind works,” Griffiths said. “The more active our kids are, the more ready their minds will be to learn in the classrooms.”
The purchase of the new playground equipment is certainly and without a doubt a valuable investment for an array of reasons, these included, Griffiths went on to say. The equipment is expected to last awhile as well. 
What’s more, the kids are having a great time so far too, everyone, including the little ones agreed. 
Since getting the new monkey equipment, the kids have been like ants with an anthill, the principal joked. Except there’s no crawling to the new play toys – it’s more like running, or leaping, Griffiths continued.  
But the kids aren’t the only ones celebrating, volunteers and parents are too, or at least they should be, according to Griffiths. 
For quite some time, the school parent council and several dedicated volunteers have been hard at work, setting up and organizing an array of fundraising events, and initiatives to help obtain the newly purchased playground equipment. From Easter bingos, to Christmas craft sales and annual summer golf tournaments, parents and volunteers have been pooling money together since before Principal Griffiths came to SPS, he said. 
Story continues in the September 11, 2013 issue of The Valley Gazette.