New laundromat seeking lower water rates

BARRY’S BAY- The owners of the Bay Coin Laundromat are hoping to get a reduction in their business’s water rates.

Robylin Bautista and Alia Bayat, both of Toronto and now living full-time in the residence located inside the business on Bay Street, purchased the building seven years ago. They recently just transformed the front of the building into a coin laundromat.

“The last laundromat closed down due to the increased water usage charges that were levied against the business,” Bayat said. “We are asking to get a reprieve from the gross amount that we are being for the water consumption and sewage that we are being charged for our business. Two-thirds of our premise is used as our primary residence. We are being taxed and charged as if our whole premise is commercial.”

Bayat said he and Bautista showed a commitment by investing over $100,000 for a massive renovation, and by buying brand new upright washers and dryers.

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