New fire regulations cause heated debate

KILLALOE – Two firefighters made a delegation to Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards (KHR) Township meeting on August 23 after a telephone discussion with Mayor Janice Visneskie Moore about their concerns with the proposed fire regulations for open fires and fire bans.

Bob Hopper and Ken Shulist had a number of questions for council.

“It’s with regard to the proposed changes to the burning bylaw,” Hopper began. “Some things were brought to our attention. We had some concerns from our point of view as fire fighters. Basically, the old by-law was in effect for many years, that had no burning in Killaloe We were just wondering what prompted the change because we can see, from our point of view, some problems that are going to arise. Why was this changed? What’s the purpose of changing it?”

Visneskie Moore said that Councillor Ted Browne had been approached by residents in the village of Killaloe about lifting the fire ban there. Browne asked council to review the bylaw regarding the fire ban in the village. Visneskie Moore said others have also come forward from Killaloe asking to be treated the same as other residents in the municipality.

“That’s why the committee reviewed it, with our fire chief, we went through it. It is in draft form right now. [The bylaw] committee gave it to all members of council and asked them to review it. Then we were going to talk about it,” Visneskie Moore said.

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