New developments at Charlie D’s

BARRY’S BAY – The poutine master has done it again. Charlie Drevniok, owner of Charlie D’s, has taken his chip truck business indoors, and is now offering deep fried goodies all year long.

Best known for its unique poutines, Charlie D’s opened up in May 2010, at the corner of Highway 60 and Arena Road.

The chip truck proved hugely successful, with cars filling the parking lot during the busy summer months. In the past, Charlie D’s chip truck closed for the winter. Drevniok would still have movie rentals and snacks for sale indoors throughout the cold winter months.

However, just last year, renovations began on the building to move the chip truck indoors.

“The menu is the same as the chip truck,” Drevniok said.

That means you can still experience one of their 16 ‘poutines with personality,’ German sausages, burgers, or even one of Bev’s surprise treats all year round.

During the winter months, there is usually one staff member working the restaurant. But Drevniok hires a couple others during the extremely busy summer months.

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