New business sprouts up- Hinterland Mushroom Farm a great source for local mushroom lovers


Madawaska Valley – Many business experts suggest that finding a niche and filling it is an important part of running a successful business. Local entrepreneur Corey Wojick has done just that. Rather than spreading himself too thinly over a wide range of products, he has focused in on one specific thing to grow, and now his business is mushrooming, literally.

Wojick started Hinterland Mushroom Farm this spring and sells his mushrooms at local farmers’ markets, especially the Barry’s Bay farmers’ market. He grew mushrooms prior to starting Hinterland Farm and during our interview said that he has always had a fascination with mushrooms.

In addition to their use as ingredients in many recipes, Wojick said he is interested in other benefits that mushrooms are thought to have. According to Wojick, these benefits include several medicinal ones. He also spoke about the cognitive benefits that some mushrooms are thought to provide.

The mushroom farmer is also intrigued by the role that mushrooms play in nature. They can often be overlooked, especially when compared to popular plants and large trees, but Wojick points out that mushrooms form an important part of the biological web. He added that without the mycelium network, trees and plants would not have the ability to grow.

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