MVDHS welcomes new principal to town


BARRY’S BAY – Since November 1, staff and students of Madawaska Valley District High School (MVDHS) have been welcoming and getting used to a new face who has been walking through the halls.

Dean Zadow, who is from Pembroke, has taken over as principal for MVDHS from former principal Dave Bishop.

Zadow is a graduate of Laurentian University. After finishing there, he then went on to get his degree in education from the University of Ottawa.

Since then, he has 16 years of experience as an administrator, six years as a teacher for students in Grade 7 and 8 and has also spent time as an Educational Assistant.

“I am in my 16th year as an administrator, 10 of which has been at Fellows High School, three of which have been at General Panet High School,” said Zadow. “During those 16 years, nine and a half of them been as a principal and the rest have been as a vice principal,” said Zadow.

He said he has had a number of great experiences in his time as an administrator, and said he is excited to work in this end of the county for the first time ever.

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