MV Lions halt outdoor rink demolition

BARRY’S BAY – It looks like the Barry’s Bay outdoor rink has been spared from demolition, for at least another week.

Members of the Madawaska Valley Lions Club attended the June 1 Madawaska Valley Township council meeting. Club President, Greg Kelly, urged council to reconsider their decision to demolish the Barry’s Bay outdoor rink, which has been deemed a liability to the township.

At a previous committee meeting, council was informed that many of the boards were rotting, and it would cost somewhere between $25,000 and $30,000 to construct a new rink.

The township decided to demolish the structure, salvaging whatever they could to be recycled. Council also asked staff to solicit public input, and get ideas on what the community would like to see replace the outdoor rink.

Kelly was involved in the original construction of the Barry’s Bay outdoor rink and the subsequent renovations over the years, including the most recent post replacements four years ago.

“Council assured me at that time that the recreation coordinator would stay atop of repairs,” Kelly told council.

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