MV Council chooses not to support a possible local share proposal

BARRY’S BAY – Council choose not to support a possible one per cent tax increase during their regular council meeting for the Township of Madawaska Valley on December 18.

The discussion started with a letter from Peter Emon, Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) board member and it was in regards to the new Local Share Proposal.

The letter, which Mayor Kim Love read to council and the public in attendance, was looking for support from council for the new Local Share Proposal. This would see a one per cent increase on HST with all that additional revenue being given back to municipalities to invest in infrastructure.

As a whole, Ontario governments face a $4.9 billion shortfall every year for the next 10 years to maintain current services and address the gap in infrastructure spending.

According to AMO, this would mean that property taxes would have to double to make up that fiscal gap if the increase were not to happen.

“No one is thrilled to back an additional fee or more taxes, but this was the least disliked of the options,” said Love.

Councils at the County of Renfrew voted in favour of the proposal because $26.5 million would come back to the County of Renfrew and its 18 municipalities.

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