Murder trial moved to Superior Court

PEMBROKE - The person accused of murdering Anastasia Kuzyk, Nathalie Warmerdam and Carol Culleton on September 22, 2015 appeared in Pembroke court before Justice Selkirk. 
Since Basil Borutski has already made more than three court appearances in Pembroke, the hearing took place in Court 1, listed for 11 a.m.
Outside the courthouse, cars and trucks honked in support of the women who hold vigil for Anastasia Kuzyk, Nathlie Warmerdam, Carol Culleton and all women who suffer violence each time the accused appears in court. 
It is the seventh time Borutski has appeared before the court since his arrest on September 22, 2015.
In addition to the four regular police officers in court, there were also two tactical police officers dressed in black standing near the accused throughout his brief appearance. 
Dressed in a large green overcoat, with a thick leather handcuff belt around his middle, Borutski sat silently during the proceeding.

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