Murder case further delayed

PEMBROKE – The person accused of murdering Anastasia Kuzyk, Nathalie Warmerdam and Carol Culleton on September 22, 2015 appeared in Pembroke court before Justice Selkirk.

The hearing took place in Court 1, listed for 11 a.m., since Basil Borutski has already made more than three court appearances in Pembroke.

With a thick leather handcuff belt around his middle, Borutski sat silently during the proceeding, dressed in a large green overcoat with unruly beard and hair.

Crown Attorney, Jeffrey Richardson, told the court Borutski the court that the second round of evidence is complete and returned by the crown attorney’s office to the police. Transfer of the evidence by the police to the accused at Carleton Ottawa Remand Centre would likely take 5-7 days. Richardson asked for the case to be brought back before the court on Apri 19.

Selkirk said that there was a report from the Royal Ottawa Hospital. Selkirk was referring to the psychiatric report on whether Borutski is fit to stand trial, a report ordered by Selkirk on March 3.

Selkirk said the report was “inconclusive, which speaks for itself.” He said he would leave it with counsels to make of the report what they would.

Private lawyer working as an agent for Legal Aid, Biagio Delgerco said that he had spoken to the accused and was given no instructions.

Justice Selkirk said that while he agreed to the delay until April 19, 2016, the Crown Attorney should apply all resources to bringing this case back to court.

Selkirk said that on April 19th the accused would be faced with the option to ask for a preliminary hearing. Selkirk said that Borutski needs instruction on the advantages of a preliminary hearing, which would give him a chance to hear the police case against him.

Delgerco said that he had a meeting scheduled with Borutski and would try to explain preliminary hearings to the accused.