Modern science fiction with a country setting

BARRY’S BAY – Roots run deep. Just as a tree grows strong and hardy in good soil, so it is with people and the love and encouragement that surround them as they grow.

Author Kasey Kulas has woven local history and settings into her series of post-apocalyptic science fiction books entitled, In The Beginning. The first book, Rowan was published in February 2019 and is available on

Kulas is now halfway through writing the second book entitled, Changelings, and hopes this book will be published at the end of 2020. She thinks there may be a third book but doesn’t want to commit to that right now.

“It all depends on how far I get in telling the other stories,” explained Kulas.

She hopes her keen imagination and lively writing style will peak interest in many local readers, encouraging them to dive into the intriguing stories that are set in the Barry’s Bay-to-Ottawa corridor.

With an apocalyptic theme, the series draws a slight parallel to the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

“I am going to mix that in. It won’t be the end of the world, but the end of the world as we know it,” explained Kulas. “My theory is, with all the past changes, for example, cro-magnon man to human being, what if it was Mother Nature making those changes? And what if she decided to change us again, in to a new homo-sapiens ‘plus’ that will be able to cope better with the changing planet? Enhance the skin so it reflects harmful rays of the intensifying sun. Enhance the eyes so that humans have superlative night vision.”

A Barry’s Bay native, Kulas has strong roots in this community. She went to separate school here and graduated from MVDHS in the 80s. From there, she went to school and became a graphic designer, but found it was too stressful.

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