Memorial service honours 24 residents

BARRY’S BAY – There were tears and there was laughter at the annual memorial service on November 15. 
That morning, a congregation gathered inside the Valley Manor Nursing Home to remember the 24 residents that passed throughout the year. 
Reverend Doug Kranz presided over the ceremony, which began with a candlelight vigil.
Family and friends lit a candle and brought it up to the altar to remember their loved one. Chantel Weatherbed, who works at the manor and organized the service, read a short biography about each resident.
She spoke about Helen Dombroskie, a midwife who assisted with the births of 147 children. She spoke about Stanley Chippior, a veteran who was married for 62 years. 
Weatherbed then spoke about Ruth Wallbridge, a petite woman who strived to maintain her independence. 
“Ruth enjoyed hugs and hand holding and enjoyed chatting with the staff,” Weatherbed said. “It was a joy to care for her.” 
Ruth was the daughter of Dr. Wallbridge, a well-known doctor based in Killaloe back in the day. Ruth served as a Royal Canadian Air Force nurse and was never married. 
Allan Wallbridge attended the service with his wife June to remember his sister Ruth. 
“She was a gem,” June said.
Read more in the November 20, 2013 issue of The Valley Gazette.