Madawaska Valley Township passes 2020 budget

BARRY’S BAY – Three of the four Madawaska Valley Township’s councillors were online with Mayor Kim Love after lunch on April 14 to carry their day of meetings forward and on to the day’s principal matter, the passing of the 2020 budget.

Amanda Hudder, Town Treasurer, was present at the meeting as well to explain the updates that had been made to the budget in light of the discussion that took place at the Council’s meeting a week earlier, and to be present at the tax levy request of $3,997,248, which represents a tax increase of 2.2 percent.

Councillor Carl Bromwich indicated that it was high time to approve the budget, as many matters were soon to take place that require it, he said, namely, road work. Councillors Mark Willmer and David Shulist both added their support for the request, with Shulist indicating that they had had many good discussions of the matter and that they were ready to go ahead with it. They considered the 2.2 percent increase reasonable and consistent with prior increases.

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