Madawaska Valley Township meeting

BARRY’S BAY – The August 4th meeting of the Madawaska Valley Township (MVT) began with a discussion of two legal-procedural issues.

Town CAO Sue Klatt provided council with information on the province’s Bill 197, which came into law on July 21, and which ended the emergency measures that permitted electronic meetings in municipalities. Now this falls under Bill 197, and MVT’s by-laws have to reflect this. Nothing substantive was altered by this, however.

One new matter relating electronically-conducted meetings concerns proxy voting. In her report on the subject, Klatt stated that the updates in the by-laws do not address the issue. It was her opinion that further discussion “about the impact and challenges to implement proxy voting allowing a member of the council as a proxy to act in another councilor’s place when they are absent,” would be required. The council agreed with her.

After this, Operations Supervisor Mike Phillips presented an update on the several road work projects in the municipality. Most important among these is, of course, the Paugh Lake Road project. Phillips indicated that the brushing and the ditching have been completed, that centerline culverts have been replaced, and that work on the catch basins and storm water system was going on. He stated that work on pulverizing and on granular application would be occurring in August, as well as sidewalk removal and reconstruction.

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