Madawaska Valley to update trailer By-law

Staff Reporter

In the first three months of 2022, Madawaska Valley Township received 14 separate complaints regarding illegal trailers and bunkies around the municipality.

The Property Standards By-law has not been updated since 2007, when it was first approved and enforced. It has now been updated to include a penalty section for trailers and bunkies, but the updates must first be approved by Council and the Province before effective implementation and enforcement.

Madawaska Valley Township By-laws Officer, Corwin Quade detailed in his Compliance Officer Update at the April 5th Council in Committee meeting that, “Prior to this review the only penalty for non-compliance was to issue a Part 3 summons to go to court with a maximum penalty of $25,000. With the updated by-law and penalties in place we are recommending a step up penalty system.”

Madawaska Valley is working to educate people on these by-laws so as, “to help clarify some of the rumors and myths,” around having a trailer on your property, Quade maintained.

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