Madawaska Valley finally welcomes new fire truck to the fleet

BARRY’S BAY – On February 16, the Madawaska Valley Fire Department welcomed a new fire truck to their fleet.

The addition of this truck has been in the works for quite sometime now, said Madawaska Valley Fire Chief Corwin Quade.

The wheels starting have been in motion for this addition for nearly 19 months. Quade said they had purchased a truck but the company went bankrupt, the challenge was then to find a new truck as soon as possible.

“What we had to do was start searching for another truck. It was extremely hard,” said Quade.

Quade said after some searching they were able to find a truck from a company based out of Ontario.

“We were fortunate to find a company here in Ontario that had a truck that just came off the production line a month before we required the truck. It was complete luck,” said Quade. “Dependable was a great company to work with. They will service 24/7 for us. It was good that we bought something in Ontario because we helped the province with jobs also but they have a great reputation and they are a top notch company.”

This new truck is a 2017 and was completed just as the calendar flipped to January. It is a brand new, and has never been used by another township. It will replace the 1988 truck that they had in their fleet prior.

“It was worth the wait, this truck is a top of the line and is modern, it replaces the ’88 that we have. It is night and day… it is like having a new Cadillac,” said Quade.

For more pick up a copy of the February 21, paper.