Madawaska and Whitney schools take initiative

SOUTH ALGONQUIN– Education is important, and recently the Gazette is trying to do their part to contribute to local schools.

On May 9, in celebration of Education Week, Staff Reporter Sarah Hyatt visited both Madawaska and Whitney Public Schools to take part in their Career Days as a guest speaker.

The idea to invite several guest speakers as part of their Education Week and Career Days is a new one for both the schools, Principal Jude Kelley explained.

“And we’re hoping that through our guest speakers’ presentations, most of the kids are able to see some of themselves in at least one of the presenters,” she said.

From May 6 to May 10, the schools had about seven or eight guest speakers, who visited to talk to the schools’ students about their careers and answer any questions the kids might have.

From a police officer, a business owner, to the Gazette’sStaff Reporter Sarah Hyatt, to name a few, the principal said they worked hard to bring in people from all different occupations.

“We didn’t want to bring in just doctors and lawyers, for instance…,” she said.

In conjunction with Education Week, presenters were asked to talk about their jobs, what they do on a regular basis, their education, how they got to be where they are, some of the challenges they have perhaps faced and some of the most important skills one needs to be successful.

What’s more, speakers offered a first-hand account of the various career paths individu-als could chose from pertaining to specific professions.

The entire student population at both schools gathered for each speaker’s debut, which included an overall 15 to 20 minute presentation. After a quick summary of each professional’s job responsibilities, educational background and some of their person-al experiences, the floor opened to questions.

And the students and staff didn’t hold back!