Long time mayor stands again

KILLALOE – In terms of achievements of the council in the last term of office, Janice Visneskie-Moore, who has been mayor for the past 33 years, points to the process of getting an amendment to the Bonnechere watershed plan. The township is getting close to an agreement with the new provincial government on new water levels on the Bonnechere system, Visneskie-Moore said. Visneskie-Moore has chaired a process to revise levels after last year’s flood. “It’s very, very serious and very dear to my heart.” She also points to revitalization in downtown Killaloe. “We had our first public meeting, a lot of people showed up with lots of good ideas.” She said the downtown revitalization grant from the provincial government will help the town achieve its goals. Visneskie-Moore said she was pleased with the township buying and selling two schools from the separate school board, both will become residential properties. “We recovered all the money; we did exactly what the ratepayers had asked us to do. I think council should pat themselves on the back for achieving that.” She is also pleased with the partnerships that council is developing within the community and beyond. She points to the library and the Community Resource Centre (CRC) as examples of the township working with partners. Visneskie-Moore recently met with the CRC about their new program to enable seniors to be more active. She also praised the CRC for its youth programs. To read the full story, pick up a copy of the July 18 paper.